January 14, 2014

$1T Federal Omnibus Bill Means $744M for Hawaii

The $1 trillion federal omnibus bill includes more than $744 million for Hawaii for military, education, health care, transportation and the environment. The bi-partisan bill would fund the U.S. government through October, the rest of fiscal year 2014.

That’s assuming the U.S. Congress agrees on things, of course, but the proposed bill was unveiled yesterday by the House and Senate appropriations committees.

Sen. Mazie Hirono’s office expressed gratification that the bill includes the Pre-K: $250 Million Competitive Grant to Fund State Preschool, something Hawaii would be eligible to compete in this program. Hirono’s push for an official recommendation from Congress that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service treat the coffee berry borer as a threat and research methods to control and eradicate the pest was included as well.

Read the entire piece at: http://hawaii.news.blogs.civilbeat.com/post/73363414455/1t-federal-omnibus-bill-means-744m-for-hawaii

By:  Chad Blair
Source: Honolulu Civil Beat