May 21, 2014

Hawaii Lawmakers Speak Out on Shinseki and VA Medical Care Debacle

Members of Hawaii’s congressional delegation and key state legislators say they are deeply troubled by allegations that excessive waiting times for veterans in need of government health care has cost lives.

For now, however, they are not calling for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki even as some of their colleagues are demanding that he quit or be fired over the controversy.


Civil Beat also asked U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono for her response regarding the Shinseki controversy. Her staff responded by emailing excerpts from part of a Senate committee hearing on May 15, the one where Shinseki said he was “mad as hell” about the allegations.

“The veterans health care system is a promise that we made to Americans — America’s veterans that we will take care of them in return for their service and sacrifice,” she said at the hearing. “The close to 10 million veterans that access care through the VA system need to trust that they are receiving high quality care when they need it.”

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By:  Chad Blair
Source: Civil Beat