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Hirono Calls for Loretta Lynch Confirmation Vote

Mazie Hirono, the U.S. senator from Hawaii, is demanding that Senate Republicans abandon “a partisan script” and confirm Loretta Lynch as attorney general.

Hirono, who spoke to reporters at the Capitol along with three colleagues, pointed out that Lynch’s confirmation has been stalled longer than the confirmations for the last five AGs combined — all because some GOP senators “want to win a ideological battle on choice.”

That battle played out in a Senate vote Tuesday, when most Senate Democrats voted to block an anti-human trafficking bill over its abortion restrictions — “prolonging an impasse that threatens to further delay a vote” on Lynch, as Politico reports.

The vote was 55-to-43, with Hirono and Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz helping to keep Republicans short of the 60-vote threshold to advance the bill.

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