February 13, 2017

Hirono Opposes Steven Mnuchin’s Nomination for Treasury Secretary

Senator Mazie K. Hirono opposed the nomination of Steven Mnuchin to serve as Secretary of the Treasury. The nominee was confirmed 53-47.

Before the vote, Senator Hirono took to the Senate floor to highlight how Steven Mnuchin profited from the 2008 financial crisis, including how his company OneWest foreclosed on Hawaii families.

From Senator Hirono’s remarks:

“It’s astounding that President Trump nominated Steve Mnuchin – someone whose business record embodies the worst abuses from the financial crisis – to serve as Secretary of the Treasury.

“Credible economists have warned that we could end up in another financial crisis. My question is, who would a Secretary Mnuchin try to save – Wall Street or the millions of people who will be adversely impacted? His record shows which path he’d choose. And it’s why I call on my colleagues to oppose this nomination.”