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Hirono: Rep. Steve King’s Bigoted Comments Find Sympathetic Ear in White House

Senator Mazie K. Hirono fought back against bigoted comments from Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) saying that he wants the United States to be “so homogenous.” The Senator also urged Americans to continue to call for an independent investigation into the Administration’s ties to Russia.


“Steve King has always been on the fringe with his views about immigration and what our country should look like. He’s just gotten more overt in his comments because he thinks there’s a sympathetic ear in the White House with the kind of divisiveness that has been promoted by President Trump.

“What we really need to do is follow this trail of bread crumbs that leads from the Trump team to Russian interests. Russia is trying to interfere with our political system and our democracy. That's what we should keep our eyes on. This is clearly an issue that the President and his team does not want us to continue to focus on.”