January 25, 2019

Hirono Statement on the Announcement of a Deal to End the Trump Shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C– Senator Mazie K. Hirono released the following statement after the announcement that a deal has been reached to end the Trump shutdown: 

“Today’s announcement is a welcome, albeit temporary, end to this unnecessary, unconscionable Trump shutdown.

“Over the past 35 days, Donald Trump took hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors, and indeed the entire country, hostage – all because of his obsession with building his vanity wall. It was telling that even in announcing an end to the shutdown, Donald Trump resorted to lies and distortions to justify his vanity wall in anticipation of negotiations over the next three weeks.

“While the debate continues on border security, we need to pass a bill to fully fund all government operations through the end of the fiscal year. Come February 15th, there cannot be another government shutdown.

“Donald Trump has proven time and again that his word is no good and he changes his mind on a whim. It’s up to Congress to step up to its responsibility as a separate branch of government, do its job, and keep the government open.”