11 Female Politicians Who Should Actually Give You Hope For The Future

By:  Sarah Beauchamp
In the short time Trump has been in office, it seems like his administration has managed to attack women's rights at nearly every opportunity. For feminists, 2017 hasn't been the best year, but there are female politicians who will give you hope for the days to come.

The White House, for example, was relentless when it tried banning an undocumented minor from getting an abortion. Not to mention, Trump recently ended an Obama-era mandate that required employers to cover birth control in health insurance plans. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Trump also revoked the Fair Pay and Safe Workspaces order, which required paycheck transparency and held businesses accountable not abiding by labor and civil rights laws. But just because Trump won in 2016 doesn't mean that a woman couldn't lead the country in the future.

These are the women who are fighting for a woman's right to choose, for equal pay in the workplace, for better gun control, and for LGBTQIA rights. They're politicians who are making the world a safer place for women, and who stand for just about everything Trump doesn't.

Here are some of the women that are giving feminists and progressives hope for the future.

Mazie Hirono

Hirono, Democratic senator from Hawaii, is a vocal gun control advocate. "My thoughts & aloha are with families in Sutherland Springs," she tweeted after the mass shooting in Texas, "but aloha cannot stop this epidemic of gun violence." She also spoke up during the #MeToo campaign, sharing her experience with sexual harassment. Throughout her career, she said, she's frequently encountered this kind of misconduct, adding, “this kind of unwanted attention occurs in a situation where there is uneven power, and it’s usually the woman who has less power.”