These are the 25 members of Congress you should be following on Twitter

By:  Taylor Link
President Donald Trump's presence on Twitter may have jaded some people from using the platform — too much vitriol and horse pucky for one social network. But put that in the barn for a while, because Twitter, as a whole, offers value to users, especially those interested in politics.

Twitter connects constituents to their elected representatives, allowing them to interact in a manner unseen in democratic history. It also enables Americans to witness the inner workings of a politician's office, including all the pageantry and base triviality that comes with the job.

Most U.S. politicians delegate Twitter duties to lowly interns who merely share their boss's statements or photo opportunities. Some politicians, however, directly handle their own accounts, writing tweets that candidly express their thoughts on a given issue.

A few of these politicians have mastered the art of Twitter, contributing to the discourse of the day while maintaining a sense of humanity that seems to elude the current president. Others are just plain old entertaining.

Contrary to popular (and oftentimes reasonable) belief, there are members of Congress who are absolutely worth following on Twitter. Indeed, some of these politicians are among the most distinctive and valuable on social media inside or outside of the Beltway. If Twitter users need to remind themselves that Trump is not the only public figure on the internet with his hands on the levers, this is a list of respectable politicians who make social media almost — that's almost — worthwhile.

Mazie Hirono, @mazieHirono

Perhaps one of the toughest members of Congress, Sen. Mazie Hirono is currently fighting the Trump administration with stage-four cancer. Hirono's Twitter account documents her daily battles, providing inspiration for all of her followers.